All mothers should feel loved and supported on their

Motherhood Journey

Feeling alone and unsupported as a mother?

You are not alone..

Its time to feel a sense of peace and enjoyment on your journey by receiving the support in the way you need..


What a Lack of Support may Feel like as a Mother…

"If I don’t get the support I need and a sense of peace within myself..
Then I am not capable of doing this hard thing I'm facing."

I am here to support you in the way you need...

WHAT WOULD IT BE LIKE? What if you could actually enjoy the stage of motherhood you are in because the support you feel?

"When Woman Support each other incredible things happen"


I am Kaija!

A Loving Mother of 3 Children with a
Passion for Birth and All Things Motherhood..

I have had to face many things alone on my motherhood journey that you would normally find support from a partner. I unexpectedly went through my last pregnancy completely alone without the support I needed from my partner at the time.


It was a constant battle of my heart and mind of knowing I should feel only the good feelings of pregnancy but yet the constant pain and discomfort of being without a partner and not having that support that I should have had during the most beautiful time of my life..


It made it very hard for me to be in the moment… There was a time just before my daughter’s birth that I physically felt as if I wasn’t able to birth my child because of how unsupported and alone I felt. As I have continued my motherhood journey as a single mother I have had many times as a single mother of feeling so alone that I just couldn’t enjoy the happy moments as I wanted to.


From my experiences of being a single mother I have been able to find a deep inner strength that I never knew was possible… Becoming a birth Doula and learning other tools of finding peace has now made it possible for me to help support other single mothers or mothers who share the same feelings.. Feel not so alone.


No mother should ever have to feel so alone that she can’t fully experience the beauty of motherhood..


My goal is to help YOU feel supported so that you are able to enjoy the moment you are in as fully as possible. YOU DESERVE IT!!!



Serving Utah county and some of SLC county (Downtown being the furthest)

Full Birth Package Includes:

2 Prenatal at Home Visits

  • Form a deeper connection between you and I
  • Create a birth plan
  • Explore options that work for you to help with contractions during birth
  • Go over postpartum plan
  • Go over plan with partner or other support person for birth together (if applicable) (optional)

Birth Support (Non-medical)

  • Will arrive at hospital, birth center or home birth to help assist during birth

Postpartum Visits (1-2)

  • First visit (within the first week of birth) (1 hour)
  • Check up on you and baby
  • Help with any laundry/light cleaning needed/hold or care for baby while you rest

1-2 Weeks Postpartum

  • Sound healing session in the comfort of your home (30 min)
  • A beautiful way to connect with your newborn
  • A perfect way to allow yourself to feel peace and relaxation after birth

Package Cost: $1,200

(payment plans are available to clients who qualify)

Sound healing sessions

Offering Private sound healing postpartum sessions in the comfort of your own home.


(I need 15 min of set up time)
(30-45 min session)
Space needs to be big enough for bowls to be on.
(Make sure other children are in another room etc during session)


Cost: $50

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Postpartum Services

Need extra support after baby comes?

I’m here to do all the things so you can focus on healing.


Examples are:

  • light clean up around home
  • laundry
  • hold/care for baby while you rest

$25 per hour (day only)

How Do I Support You?

Physical Support

Emotional Support

These sessions allow you to get out of the chaos of life and all the To-dos as a mother.
Helps you find a sense of calm and peace within yourself
That is so important in being a mother!
You are capable of feeling peace in motherhood.

Community Support

Stay connected to other mothers who share similar feelings! Make new connections and feel all the love virtually.

Once a month come gather and meet new mothers and feel a sense of love and support by a group sound healing session, tea and setting affirmations/new intentions for self love. ❤️

I have a motherhood group and also a single mother group available 🙂

Inner Bloom Mama Support

Inner Bloom Single Mama Support

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